Naloxone (Narcan) is a very effective antidote for opiate overdoses and it's widespread availability is recommended by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Naloxone can stop or reverse an opiate overdose and save a person's life. With a prescription, most insurers may cover the cost of naloxone nasal spray.

Naloxone intranasal treatment

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  • No appointment needed
  • Complete your visit in minutes without video or voice calls
  • The cost of Naloxone is greatly reduced with a prescription when using insurance
  • Naloxone intranasal is recommended by the US Department of Health
  • This medication is an immediate opiate reversal agent that should be used in an opiate overdose situation

Who should immediately receive naloxone intranasal?

  • People showing signs of opiate overdose
  • Possible users of any opiate medications or drugs such as morphine, hydromorphone (Dilaudid®), oxycodone (Percocet®), hydrocodone (Vicodin®), methadone, fentanyl, and heroin who become less responsive or are suspected to have overdosed
  • Even if the rescuer is unsure whether the unresponsive patient has taken opiates, intranasal Naloxone is recommended since a delay may lead to severe injury or death
    • 911 should be called immediately for any person with suspected overdose
    • Start CPR if needed

Features of an opiate overdose:

  • Severe drowsiness or unresponsiveness
  • Small pupils
  • Bluish discoloration of the lips
  • Shallow, slow or absent breathing
  • Clues such as needles close by, track marks on skin, or empty bottles of opiate pills nearby
  • Prior known history of opiate use, abuse or overdose

What can I expect if I have used naloxone ?

  • The person may regain consciousness and begin breathing faster
  • The person may awaken feeling sick, nauseous, sweaty or agitated
  • The effects of Naloxone are TEMPORARY, so call 911 immediately to have EMS transport the person to the hospital
  • This medication WILL NOT be harmful or provide any helpful effect If the person did not overdose on an opiate
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